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Re: Going To The Sun Road...after 4 PM
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2013, 07:56:43 am »
We were stopped at Sprague traveling west in the afternoon and required to stop until 4PM.  So there are some west-bound restrictions.

Yes. It's all explained on the park's official website. Unless you are camping at Sprague Creek, Lake McDonald Lodge is a much nicer place to stop for a while. Grab something to drink, take it down to the water and enjoy the view:

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Re: Going To The Sun Road...after 4 PM
« Reply #16 on: July 28, 2013, 12:57:48 am »
I did the ride July 2012 on a Satuday morning. I am from Florida and had just completed the ACA Montana Divide trip. I left my tent, about 1mile outside the park at 6:15 AM and got to the top just before 11:00. I barely stopped to take pictures. Traffic was not that bad except we're they had construction ongoing and only one lane going both ways. Cars were very curtious. I rode the bus shuttle back down.  If I had it to do over, I would have ridden down the other side to St Mary and then taken the shuttle bus back up to Logan Pass an back down to Apgar.

I was awesome and I recommend anyone thinking on doing it to make sure you do..

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Re: Going To The Sun Road...after 4 PM
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Thanks for all the answers/advice everyone. I'm home! Too bad. I did the trip and it was GREAT!
I did GTTS Road on a Sunday morning. On bike at 5:45 AM. No traffic at all until about half way up, and then only light traffic till closer to the top. Took 3 hours from Lake McDonald Lodge, which is close to Sprague Campground. I would not discourage anyone from doing it on a Sunday morning. The RVers take forever to get going, others are in church, praying for me, and all the motorcyclists are still hung over from Saturday night, and busy attaching noise makers to their pipes. Just get up early and you have the world to yourself, basically anywhere you go. This was peak season too, on July 28th.
Weather was fabulous. Watched bighorn sheep walk right by me up top on trail to Hidden Lake.
It was Day 1 of a 48 day ride from Canada to Mexico over the Rockies, plus Utah and the GCanyon.
Everyone said it might not ever get better than Day 1. As great as everything was, it never got better than Day 1.
GTTS Road is truly one not to be missed.