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James Madison University Student Cycling Arriving In Colorado on Saturday 6/22/13 on his 3,000 mile Journey from Virginia to San Diego to raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer Research.  NEED ASSISTANCE.

Are there any cyclists in the Colorado Springs area who can accompany a cyclist on different legs of his journey heading ultimately towards San Diego through the State of Colorado?

Navid Attayan is currently on a journey from Harrisonburg, VA to San Diego, CA with a mission to raise awareness of pediatric cancer and the need for more funding for research for pediatric cancers. His cycling buddy was injured in Virginia and had to back out. It would be great if local cyclists could accompany Navid even for a couple of hours a day.

He'll be arriving in Colorado Springs sometime Saturday 6/22/13 at approximately 11:00 AM and will be staying into Sunday. He's definitely in need of a rest day after 4 weeks of constant cycling.   It would be wonderful if cyclists or others could help him out.  Navid can be reached directly on Facebook at

Thank you for any support you can provide him on his journey! People have been wonderful to him along the way.