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Transam to Katy
« on: June 29, 2013, 02:14:13 pm »
From Sebree, KY to the KATY I took KY 56 and crossed over the Ohio river to IL 13 which I rode to Belleville, IL stopping overnight in Harrisburg, IL.
In Belleville I overnighted at the Super 8 and the next morning took the Metro-Link to Lambert Field from where I rode across the Page bridge and picked up the KATY.

I was fortunate to have a strong south wind and made the 86 miles from Harrisburg to Belleville  in an easy day's ride. Generally wide shoulders on IL 13.  Because of the south wind I went north on US 51 at Carbondale and worked my way west to IL 13.

One could also follow the ACA route to Murhysboro and pick up IL 13 there.