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Portsmouth, NH to Northern Tier and where to shave miles


Any suggestions for routes starting in Portsmouth, NH and connecting to the Northern Tier?  I'm throwing together an impromptu ride and have 30 days.  I'm also looking for areas where I can shave miles off of the total trip.


MDXIX -- Do you feel this thread will receive more attention where I originally posted it, where riders in other locations are likely to read it who have possibly ridden the Portsmouth variation, or where you have moved it to a just a regional discussion?  I was attempting to reach as many people as possible.

NH DOT has a detailed set of maps for cycling roads in the state. You can stitch the shortest one to your preferences that will get you to Conway, the Kancamgus highway (NH112), and continue you the NT.

The original post appeared twice under different discussion areas. That was redundant. New England seemed most suitable for the question. It is borderline post that can potentially fall under "Connecting Routes" area. Do you prefer moving it there?


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