Author Topic: Recommended Long-Sleeve Touring Shirts?  (Read 17530 times)

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Re: Recommended Long-Sleeve Touring Shirts?
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My last year (2012) bicycle trip from Illinois to Washington State I bought these "fishing shirts" from Gander Mountain. Big pockets in front for camera and wallet and other stuff. For me these worked great even through Kansas with 100 degree plus temps.

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Re: Recommended Long-Sleeve Touring Shirts?
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Riding the TransAm I met a fellow who swore by Cabela's or Brass Pro "fishing shirts" made for being on the water and in the sun all day. My observation was they had great airflow while riding.

Agreed, 110%! I have a bunch of jerseys, mostly from ACA and other clubs I am part of, but when I am riding any real distance, I wear "fishing" or "expedition" shirts. They have an SPF of 40-50 (depending on the brand), are loose fitting and breath very well, and they have pockets! You can get them in long sleeves, which can be rolled up, and the better shirts have straps to hold the sleeves up. If I am riding on the road, I wear yellow (It has become something of a trademark.) and on trails, light green or tan. I also wear baggy shorts, so if I decide to eat at a restaurant, I look like a guy in shorts and a fishing shirt, rather than an over-stuffed sausage in spandex.

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Re: Recommended Long-Sleeve Touring Shirts?
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I've been considering some kind of a cover for the back of my neck and ears, but I haven't come up with any ideas that don't seem completely dorky

A Buff pulled over my ears with the end of it hanging over my neck seems to work for me. Who cares what it looks like when your riding? Kids think you look like a pirate when you take your helmet off. If appearance is a big deal to you whip it off and stuff it in a bike shirt pocket when you go to eat.  If you're a bit sparse on top it also prevents sunburn through the helmet vent slots which is why I started wearing them.