Author Topic: The portion of interstate 165 built over highway 57 in Indiana.  (Read 1347 times)

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Indiana has a brand new interstate and they build a 2 mile section of it over highway 57. I have an email from the Indiana department of transportation stating they were aware of the problem and were working on it. It is easy enough to avoid if you use google maps. I recommend using the Firefox addon scrapbook it will allow you save any web page. They are doing it wrong but I have contacted the right people and informed them of the laws. These are hard to find being written before 1876 but they do exist and are still valid. Also a federal judge has ruled banning horses and wagons from the roads is a violation of the religious freedom clause of the constitution. there are Amish in the area and I will try to contact them. I think in this matter some one besides my self will actually read the law and interstates built over existing roads all over the country will be open to bicycle travel.

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Re: The portion of interstate 165 built over highway 57 in Indiana.
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I-165 is in Alabama.  Do you mean I-164?
Although you don't mention where - I suspect it is at the junction of I-64.
There are paved options within a half mile of former Hwy 57.
Plus you cross I-64 without an exit - a real plus for cyclists.
I would ratchet down my threats and increase my accuracy before filing suit.

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Re: The portion of interstate 165 built over highway 57 in Indiana.
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Yes sorry I 164 just went through there and got lost.  There is and old 57 where 57 joins the interstate it is not marked and it is not clear if it goes through or also joins the interstate. I went through Elberfeld which also does not believe in road signs. To make matters worse interstate 69 does not have signs at highway 56 stating pedestrians not allowed in Petersburg. It looks like the department of transportation was looking out for me though there was at least 10 cars on the road in a 50 mile trip.  It seems clear to me that old 57 should be renamed highway 57 and the route through Elberfeld could be named business 57 if they want to fool with the traffic. The interstate could be marked 57 bypass keeping it in line with other states.  This is not bad but as we all know interstates are forcing 100 mile detours for pedestrians in other states including Illinois at the Mississippi river so I need Indiana to set a good example.