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Connecting Buffalo to Poughkeepsie and a B-Line across WI


Heading on the Northern Tier (West to East) sometime next year. I am going to Boston so I'd like to connect Buffalo to Boston ( I could pick-up the Atlantic coast in Poughkeepsie NY). Ride with GPS says staraight across to Albany then south to Poughkeepisie is the way to go. Also, I'd like to break off the northern tier and cut straight across WI (from Osceola) to pick up the ferry in Manitowoc WI.


You should be able to utilize a lot of the Erie canal bikeway....  look into that..

For Albany south, you can look into Rt 9 or any road east of the hudson, The ACA's atlantic coast can take you from Rhinebeck to Poughkeepsie...  Rt 9 itself is busy but generally not too bad of a shoulder once you get outside Poughkeepsie, otherwise, I'm sure you can go east if you want some more relaxed riding and avoid the small downtown areas around places like red hook etc


Erie Canal info here
Across Massachusetts info here

We are planning to ride Albany to Boston next May on the central route given in the article.  We'll finish using the Minuteman Trail into Concord and trails along the Charles River.


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