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I'm currently trying to find maps for a route I'm taking from Boston to Hillsdale, NY (one section of a much longer tour). While I have most of the route details planned, I need to find some decent cycling maps for Central and Western Massachusetts. Rubel makes wonderful maps, but the West/Central maps went out of print a few years ago. :( Anyone know of some cycling maps for those areas of Massachusetts?

Anyone still printing paper maps?  ;)

I can loan you my copy of Rubel's Western Massachusetts map. Central has been long gone.

Check out some popular rides for ideas that can help you stitch a route together. One that can get you pretty much across the state is the High Point ride from Lexington to Mt Greylock. From there, I have used a route to Great Barrington. And then find your way to Hillsdale.

Check out the Strava bicycle heat map for alternate ideas.

Thanks! Those rides went a bit too far out of the way for me, but the heat map is wonderful! Really helped refine my route. :)

I've ridden to Great Barrington from NJ before (when I lived in NJ) and rode through hillsdale. We simply took Rt 22 and then Rt 23 to get to great barrington. you could go through Bash Bish falls but it is steep and parts are dirt.....

It would be uphill to Great Barrington as you will pass Catamount ski area but certainly doable on a touring bike with low gearing...



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