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My New Touring Bike
« on: July 31, 2013, 07:37:57 pm »
I scored a 1998 Novara Randonee for 300.00.  It's so minty that the nipples on the tires are still present.  It only has one or two scratches and all underneath the frame, invisible and Shimano RSX components on front and back with brake/shifters.  I'm thinking of replacing the brake/shifters with bar end shifters and separate brake levers.  This model has the 7 speed rear cassette and triple up front.  I'm thinking of upgrading to all Deore XT components and going to a 10 speed in the rear.  I don't have the bike in front of me because I dropped it off at the shop to have some light maintenance done.  Does anyone out there know if the rear dropout spacing is greater than 130mm on it?  Would it support a 10 speed cassette? Oh and the toe clip pedals have gotta go, I'm going SPDs all the way!
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Re: My New Touring Bike
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Good score on the bike!

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Re: My New Touring Bike
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Excellent purchase.  Some people have all the luck.