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« on: August 02, 2013, 01:11:22 am »
Hi, new here- first post, needed some help. 

Im out of Portland, OR, and am trying to do a solo ride hitting san francisco and boise. Any route advice for this time of year? and which direction/order i should go in. Ive wanted to do trips to both these places for a while, but think i may have time to hit both in one big loop. Also, any inside and outside time estimates?



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Re: portland>SF>boise
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2013, 01:12:47 pm »
I suggest traveling south along the coast (consider using the ACA route). South has better shoulders, better opportunities for tailwinds, and better views in the sense that you have turnouts on the coast side and you would not need to cross traffic, which would not be the case when travelling north. Not sure what you have in mind from SF to Boise and the time you have for travel. Depending on what speaks to you, there is a lot of nothing in Northern Nevada and Southern Idaho. I would be inclined to travel north from SF through the Sacramento Valley toward Redding (I have biked a route from the Wine Country to Redding then 299 east to Bieber, then north to Bend - 299 was not my favorite - typical California road without much shoulder, but traffic was generally light), then east to pick up a route to Boise. You might consider 299 to 395N to US 20 to Boise. 395 will be lightly traveled with minimal services north of Lakeview, Oregon, and depending on time of travel, warm to hot (I have not biked 395). 20E from the intersection with 395 has generally good shoulders and light traffic, but east of Burns services are spotty and, again, warm to hot temperatures. A less direct approach is biking to Bend then east using the ACA route but rather than take State Route 7 toward Baker stay on 26 towards Unity, Vale, Ontario. That route is lightly travelled, okay services, a fairly easy ride, warm to hot temps (I have biked that route and I liked it more than the US 20 route). And to add a 'duh', carry sufficient water.

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Re: portland>SF>boise
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2013, 03:21:24 am »
thanks for the advice. I was thinking that direction of travel would be best. I plan on anything inland being really hot. i can deal with that (ill get a big hat). ill be doing at least a portion of this in the next two months. I may only do portland to SF and then come back (a different route, perhaps the pac crest).   thanks again!