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Looking for a route from Santa Monica, CA to Maryland


I'll be biking from Santa Monica, California to Ocean City, Maryland next month to raise money for the research and treatment of a neurological disorder called Sturge-Weber Syndrome. I'm considering hooking up with the TransAm Trail in Colorado or Kansas and following that east to Virginia then breaking off into Maryland. Is there a safe and not-terribly difficult route that will get me from Santa Monica to the TransAm? I realize I could go south first toward San Diego then hook up with the Grand Canyon Connector or the Great Divide as I travel east, but I'm looking for a more direct route. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

From Cortez, Colorado you can take the Western Express to Pueblo.
In Arizona you can take Old Route 66 from Needles to Williams -
Then Grand Canyon, Cameron, Kayenta, to Four Corners.
(US 89 has a detour onto US 160, expect moderate-plus traffic east of Tuba City.)

That means getting to Needles, Calif.
You are aware that the Mojave is still really hot in September?
And that Santa Ana winds can be like being in a convection oven??

You can start in Ventura and have an easy, gradual climb to Santa Clarita -
Or you can work your way to Santa Clarita from Santa Monica thru metro LA.
Then you can follow Soledad Canyon Rd to Palmdale and cross Antelope Valley
(Palmdale Ave and El Mirage are better than Hwy 18 - but pretty bleak)
From just north of Victorville you can catch Old Route 66 thru Barstow to Needles.

You will need to research limited services on Route 66 -
And, as I said above, it will be hot.

PS - You are aware that getting across the Bay Bridge at Annapolis is a pain in the a$$.
You used to be able to use a commuter bus for pretty cheap -
Now you have to pay $30 for a private shuttle.
(Or you can try to beg a ride.)

I think it's criminal that 2 people in a car can pay $4 round trip -
And 2 bicyclists would end up paying $120 - on a public roadway.
I'm tempted to use a junker bike and get arrested - then sue and hold up any federal funds.
I've tried writing the bridge authority multiple times for 15 years.

If you know people in Annapolis or Baltimore - you might have them shuttle you.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.


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