Author Topic: New to fourm, where can you where and when your riding, so others may join  (Read 1336 times)

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New to fourm, where can you post, where and when your riding, so others may join you. I am wanting to do some 5 and 6 day tours in the west and southeast between Sept and Dec. Where is a good place to post such info in the hopes to see if my dates would work for others.

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Also check out the Companions Wanted section.

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New to bicycle travel or just new to the forum?

Traffic around here is pretty light but you might find some traveling companions. Good luck. 
I believe you're going to have more luck posting to your local bicycle groups' and clubs' websites or facebooks and visiting your local bike shops where you can post cards on a real bulletin board.

The other thing you can do is find organized tours and pay to travel with them. If you're new to bike touring, this is a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts from your area and a great introduction to touring.
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Offline gnarlydog also has a section for advertising for companions