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This topic is a great place to post your favorite recipe.

As a dietitian and a touring cyclist with over 10k miles logged I have an easy formula for eating while out there.

peanut butter + [anything] = full belly, happy miles.

My favorites:
peanut butter + ramen noodles = peanut sauce [add-on options: tofu, broccoli, anything].

peanut butter + banana + tortilla = easy to carry and eat, tasty, cheap sandwich. 

Peanut butter is cheap, healthy, readily available (usually), calorically-dense, easy to carry and versatile.

I once went through a jar in 48 hours!


Tandem Tom:
We, my wife and I, like to have 1 pot meals. But we lack creativity! Usually pasta, tuna, diced tomato, and maybe cheese. It is good but would like some variety.
Ideas welcomed!!

Pat Lamb:
TTom,  my daughter calls this sort of thing "hippy pasta."  Walk through the produce section of the nearest grocery store and add in things that look interesting: bell peppers, broccoli, summer squash, etc.  Cut them up and toss into the water with the pasta.  Makes a nice change from the tomatoes.

Rice is also a great underlying ingredient. It is easy to prepare using the pasta method, plenty of water simmered until tender. To that just about anything can be added for an easy one pot meal. If two pots are available, the sky is the limit. Do all sorts of preps in the second pot then add the results to the rice either before straining or after.


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