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Shipping bike home from Anchorage


Can anyone recommend the best shop in Anchorage to deal with about boxing and shipping my bike home?

Try Paramount Cycles : They tend to be one of the best shops in town for customer service and they have a very competent staff in their workshop.


I'm not sure if it's still the case, but it used to be that all freight common carriers (UPS, FedEx) charged air freight rates, even for big boxes like bikes. This makes it VERY expensive to ship this way. If you are flying home, it might be cheaper to pay to take it on the plane with you.

Also, in the past, if you did want to send via UPS they would let you send it via air to the lower 48 (Seattle) and then charge you the lesser ground rate to ship further on from there. But you had to ask.

Not sure if either of these two comments are still valid, since it's been a while since I lived in Alaska, but worth checking into just to be safe.


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