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Looking to do this route possibly in October, anybody interested in a small little fun adventure next month?

I am also planning on doing this route in October, starting in Baltimore, making my way over to the trail and then all the way to Pittsburgh.

Have you done it before? Any advice? I am a little unsure of whether my road bike will be good for the dirt/gravel trails. I will probably get some kind of mountain/hybrid tires for the trip. I'm also unsure of how many miles I'll be able to do each day, as this is my first bike tour.

Hey ninaschwartzman,

I have not done the C & O - GAP route before. I did however, just finish the entire continental divide route in July, my ending total mileage being 2859.11 when all said and done. I am now having the itch to get out and do something shortly, and I feel this neat little ride will suffice. I haven't fully looked at all the logistics yet - trail/road surface conditions, but feel that it shouldn't be to hard in navigating. As for daily miles, what do you cycle now?

This will be my first touring trip. I bike for everyday transportation and have done some longer day trips, but I have never biked fully loaded.

The GAP trail is packed gravel and the C&O is dirt, so will get muddy if it rains. They are pretty much flat at least, since the GAP trail is a rail trail.

Mostly flat, except that the GAP is ~25 miles uphill from Cumberland up to the Continental Divide past Frostburg. It's not too bad, though.

Definitely, wider tires are better. You can do it on road tires, but I'd say 32-35mm are ideal for these surfaces.

My two trip journals might help some with your planning:


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