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TransAmerica Sec 9, map 113 - bridge out - Sept 2013


There is a bridge out on SR H east of St. Mary. The road is closed until October 2. You must detour.

The only possibility we see for a detour is County Rd. 950 which it looks like you can access from 2nd St. Unfortunately, CR 950 is likely not paved. You may wish to ask locally for other alternatives or for a ride across unpaved stretch.


Then again, one can always take the Ste. Genevieve Ferry -
(Which also avoids the narrow Chester bridge over the Mississippi)

It does involve extra miles - it does cost $4.
But it is a wonderful way to cross the Big Muddy -
Plus, Ste. Genevieve is a fascinating, historic river community.

The ferry is a great idea, jamawani! Thanks for suggesting it. I'll pass it along to the caller from this morning who alerted us to the closure.


And here are some links to maps of the area to help you determine routing through Ste. Genevieve:

Ferry link:

Main Missouri bike/ped site:

Missouri bicycle map for the area:

The main Illinois bike/ped site:

Randolph Co. in Illinois from the ferry to rejoin the route:



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