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December Tours
« on: September 23, 2013, 07:30:14 pm »
I am a teacher from the midwest with 2 weeks off in December and January for winter break. I just did a short bicycle tour and loved it.

What are your suggestions for a short tour during December? What are some good locations for that time of the year? I would like to stay in the USA so it is more affordable. Thank for your suggestions.

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Re: December Tours
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 08:33:13 pm »
Hi, Tehrara:

Being the dark, cold month, the desert is the only reasonable choice.  I've done a lot of riding around Death Valley in the dead of winter, and it can be great.  In fact, this year, for the third time, my wife and I will be cycling from Lone Pine to Las Vegas via DV.  Some parts of this tour can have lows below 20 deg. F. in mid-winter, but the highs are often in the mid-60's.  When weather comes in, it's usually strong winds out of the north.  And they can kick some ass, I'll tell you.  One of the all-time great tours of North America is the Lone Pine to Palm Desert run:  This gives you the best of the Mojave Desert--Death Valley, East Mojave Preserve, and Joshua Tree National Park.  Go prepared for long distances between water/resupply points, be ready to camp in wild, isolated places at times, and expect the greatest, grandest desert fantastica anywhere.  I LOVE this tour.  You need to work out transport.  One way would be to leave a vehicle in Lone Pine and rent a Uhaul in Indio or Palm Desert to take you back.  Check it out.  Bad. Ass.