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Bike Friday package
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:42:27 am »
Bike Friday Pocket Rocket folding bike. New custom build in 2007. I purchased used in '08. In 2010 I sent the frame back to the factory to strip the frame, add a trailer hitch, and have it repainted.

This bike is well loved and maintained. It has done 5 STPs, 3 RSVPs, and 2 weeklong tours.

Due to the unique build it's hard to say exactly what size it is, but it's roughly the equivalent of a 58/60. I'm 6'1 and my other road bikes are 58 to 60cm.

I have factory custom 2 adjustable stems: One is shorter for a race position and the other is taller for more upright position. The shorter stem is the original color and does not match.

Includes the Samsonite travel case & trailer system. I've easily flown with this set up and have never paid extra charges.

No saddle included, but I do have a brand new Brooks B17 we could discuss.
No pedals included, but I do have some SPDs or eggbeaters we could discuss.

Basic components:
Back end: Shimano Capreo 9-26 hub & cassette. Ultegra derailleur & brakes
Mid: Ultegra 39/53 double crank, Tiagra derailleur
Front: Ultegra hub, Ultegra brakes, Chris King headset

Tires: New Schwalbe Duranos were put on for STP & RVSP (<500 miles)

(2) Kenda road tires, (2) Primo Micro Knob Tires- All near new.
(1) Panaracer Folding tire (new)
(2) Panaracer folding tires (used)
Spare tubes for the bike and the trailer.
Spare Flexable bottle cages
Spare spokes, Dura Ace brake ferrules, stem or seat mast clamps (3)
Friday's head set/ pedal tool, and the Capreo cassette remover.
All original manuals, receipts, and DVD

Asking $1,600 or best offer

I'm open to offers/ trades. Some ideas include: A tandem, recumbent, Rohloff/ alfine hubs or wheel, a small (48/49/50) Vaya or LHT, a vacation in your cabin, fiberglass repairs or a refrigerator for my sailboat (Gig Harbor, WA) Small sail boat/ sailing dingy, or ?

Email me at
Text at 253 549 8009
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