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How do I get a copy Cycling British Columbia? Please help.

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A friend of mine lent me a copy of Cycling British Columbia by Paul Wood ISBN 0-9684826-2-7.
This seems to be a superb guide I would like my own copy but I can't find one anywhere. The only one I've found is on eBay and they want hundreds of dollars for it! I've called book stores all over BC, no luck. I even call the publishers and they have no copies and plans for a reprint

Looks like Thriftbooks has a copy for $27.92

This bookseller has two copies, new and used. Prices a bit higher than at thriftshop, but not yet hundreds of dollars.

There is another book - The Milepost - that details every mile of every road in BC.  It was invaluable for 8 of us riding from Fairbanks (AK) to Vancouver 8 years ago.

It is updated every year -

It might be a good alternative.


Chapters/Indigo bookstores appear to have some copies at $18.20.  But they say it will take 3 to 5 weeks to ship.  That seems like a long time to wait for a book.  If you check the following link you can also check on supplies in individual stores. There are stores in Vancouver and Victoria that have 1 or 2 copies each. If you know anyone in either of these cities perhaps you can get a copy a little earlier.


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