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south carloina to florida,florida to new orleans


does anyone know how it would be riding from South Carolina to Florida, Florida to New Orleans in February. i am  mainly wondering about the weather and any other advice someone might have..thanks

John Nettles:
Need more info such as when do you plan to ride, where to in Florida (Jacksonville, Key West, and/or Tallahassee), do you want to ride along the coast, inland, etc. 

John Nelson:
There are many web sites that will give you historical weather data (high temperature, low temperature, precipitation, sunrise, sunset, wind) for any location you choose. Enter the cities you plan to go near and look at the date you plan to be there. Here's one site to get you started.

im planning to follow the atlantic route from Charleston to st Augustine,  st.augustine to baton rouge(southern tier). im thinking start in mid February.


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