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NYC to Monticello NY Route


Does anyone now a good bike route from NYC/Manhattan to Monticello?
I'm getting different routes in Google Maps and Mapquest and I was wondering if anybody has ridden at least part of the way there.

Have you tried searching Map My Ride or Ride With GPS?  Perhaps someone has done the ride and left behind a well thought-out route. 

Where are you starting in NYC?  The common way out is to take the west side bike trail to the GW, then north on 9W (Bike Route 9).  On first glance, I'd research Bike 9 to Bear Mountain, 6 etc. to Monroe, county roads and NY 42.

Google Maps is good for this sort of planning.  Start by clicking Directions and the cycling icon, that will highlight the trails and posted bike routes.  When you have a tentative route, use street view to inspect the candidates; look for wide shoulders, which are common in New York.

Another good option is NY DOT's interactive bike route map  Click on the Use The Map tab.


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