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I'm cyclist from Finland. I am going to cyckle ST in 6. March. Is it a good time to this route? I have 10 weeks of time on this, is it enough to? I will cyckle about 100km (62ml) per day, with 2 rest days in week. What is sounds like?  What else should be taken into account? I've made ​​a few cyckilng trips to the past.

Thank you!


John Nelson:
100 Km per day is well within the range of most touring cyclists, and is a quite typical touring day distance. Two rest days a week is above average--one rest day per week (or fewer) is more common. Ten weeks should be sufficient. Starting on March 6 puts you near the tail end of the Southern Tier season. It should be fine, but you will probably encounter some hot weather in the last half of your trip.

Glamis Sand Dunes support:
Will you begin your journey on the West Coast or the East Coast?

West coast, San Diego. Is it a good direction in the spring?

Glamis Sand Dunes support:
Yes, perfect weather in March. Still cool nights, plenty of good hours of daylight. Low to upper 80's in the daytime.

See you in Palo Verde on Highway 78 on the Colorado River.



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