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My Garmin Edge 810 crashes when navigating. Does yours do this too?

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In my experience, Garmin has been pretty good about fixing bugs in the Edge product line. Some might argue that they take too long, but better late than never.

My Edge 810 crashed whenever I was navigating with it. I reported the problem to Garmin and was directed to reload the firmware. I did this multiple times and took a firmware update but the unit continued to crash. Eventually I returned the unit to REI, but I'm left wondering if it was only mine or if all exhibited this behavior.

Thanks for contributing your answer.

What do you mean by crash, would it reboot or would it freeze or display some error?

I have an old Garmin Nuvi somethingorother. It's a car GPS system and it would occasionally simply reboot itself out of nowhere which is basically a software crash and was fixed with later firmwares so yes, mine used to crash when it was new and it still does occasionally, but now with a lot less frequency...

Not sure if this helps you, but just my two cents..


I struggled with the Edge 810 for a few months and finally decided to give up. I replaced it with the 510 and never looked back.

I found the 510 superior to the 810 as follows:

* Sensitive (GPS + GLONASS)
* Very simple to operate without the worries about routing—just use tracks

* Reliable (all works as expected)
* Small package (tiny compared to others)
* Long battery life (I can run it for almost two full days without a charge)These are in addition to the standard functions in 810 & 510 for recording all trip data (laps for multiple trip sections, fitness data, HR, cadence, temperature, grade, etc), wireless phone connectivity (for Live Tracking, download routes from Garmin Connect, and upload activities to Garmin Connect).

Yes, sounds like my 810 works just like yours, had it for 2 months now and it crashes 3 or 4 times every hour I use it. I've had 3 firmwares on it, none of them worked.
Really disappointed as it's great when it's working, follows downloaded courses, showing your route on the map, sounds alert tones when approaching junctions and when you wonder off-course, I'm still hoping a firmware update will make it work.
Garmin support were not very helpful, just told me to reset my device.

My 810 would lock up during a ride and I'd have to force restart to get it going again.  This was this past summer and I found on another site that this particular problem was not uncommon.  The solution, at least for me, was to turn off Auto Power Down under the System tab in the settings menu.  I've ridden several hundred miles since and the only issue has been operator error.  Great device. 

Hope this helps.


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