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Northern Tier Map 10, Erie Canal Trail Construction

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The Erie Canalway Trail is under rehab between Pittsford and Fairport, NY.  This is on Northern Tier.  Construction is to last through 2014.  Per Canal Corp. press release, sections will be closed only as necessary.  I don't know if detours will be posted, but I'm presuming not.  A reasonable alternate route is to use NY 31, Ayrault Road and Turk Hill Road.

There are a couple of detour options as presented by the links below:


Thanks, Jennifer.  I don't think the first reference is much help but it does provide background.  And as for the second, well, I wrote it so it's highly recommended. ;)

There is also highway construction which impacts the trail in Rochester, between East Henrietta and Kendrick roads.  There is a posted detour.

An update:

* For both construction areas, detours have been intermittent and only used when necessary. 

* Parts of the trail reconstruction, in Pittsford and Fairport, are completed.

* The highway construction near West Henrietta Rd. is idled at this time (June '14).  I presume they're waiting for concrete to cure on the new bridge abutments before adding bridge sections.


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