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Posted: June 16, 2014 Re: Pacific Coast Sections 4 & 5
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The wife and I are going to start in San Francisco and bike both sections 4 & 5 of the Pacific Coast tour starting on 18 July 11.  We are still putting the final touches on stops and logistics.  We plan to stay in hotels/hostels the entire way down.

I'm also planning on the same ride July 2014. Care to make a team effort?

I'm looking for other riders to share the enjoyment. My plan has been to hotel it. No camping.


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Re: Pacific Coast Sections 4 & 5
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Cool. I got that, I guess I just want some reassurance that if I show up the likeliness of being left standing there looking stupid is minimal. I've never stepped foot on a train, let alone with a tandem bike in tow.

Just don't believe the schedule.  My two ( and last two) Amtrack experiences were horrible, and one was on the coast route.  Both times they were way behind schedule. (We were supposed to be in Seattle mid-afternoon and got there at 1 am.)  Also, the bathrooms were disgusting, rarely cleaned, and the attendants were unhelpful and unfriendly. They even repeatedly lied about where we were and when we would get to our destination! The last time I rode on the Amtrack was 2005, so things may be better now......
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