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Chile's Araucania district - 3 week off road tour
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:25:59 am »
Hi Everyone -

I'm planning to ride a 3 week tour in southern Chile - the 9th district called the Araucania - starting Dec 20th.   It's a beautiful mix of lakes, volcanos and mountain passes, an area I know pretty well.  The route is about 700 kms riding a Surly Ogre, towing a Bob Ibex. 

First challenge was getting the bike in a 80 linear inch box so I can take it as checked luggage.  I got a box and cut it down by 6 inches which was a little tricky, but looks like it will be doable - just!  The Ibex I'm taking in a 39" Samsonite duffel.

I'm starting in Temuco, Chile, then to a mountain town called Curarrehue, into Argentina to Junin de los Andes, then San Martin de los Andes, and then back into Chile. 

If you want to see my route, or follow my trip, you can take a look (or like) my facebook page:

Happy to share any details of the trip!

Thanks guys,

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