Author Topic: Heading West in May, Advice Appreciated!  (Read 5369 times)

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Re: Heading West in May, Advice Appreciated!
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(I tried to put a longer post here.  There must be limits)  The toughest part of a ride is to keep a journal to share with others.  It takes time and effort, and also locating wifi hook-ups.  As a journal, I posted daily captioned photos to Facebook, over a thousand of them to explain where I was, the things I saw. and the folks I met.  My family loved it and it made them less concerned for my safety.  I also had a satellite tracker that showed them in near real time exactly where I was on a Google map that they could use on Facebook.
So get ready for the most fun and interesting event of your life.  One never knows what is just over the next rise or around the next bend.  ...If you like, check out my website for in-progress maps for my upcoming western ride.  And good luck.