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Olympus tough TG-2 owner report.
« on: December 21, 2013, 07:26:45 am »
I tested my new tough TG-2 camera with two others I had on hand the Sony HX100V and the Kodak Z1285. The GPS on the Olympus is much better than the Sony it was able to lock on inside A McDonalds within 2 seconds. The Sony never worked indoors.  The sensor on the Olympus is half a stop better than the Sony which can be expected because it has a lower pixel count. The Olympus was one stop behind the Kodak which uses a bigger sensor.  If you must shoot 1080 by 1920 video then the best sensor resolution is 3840 horizontal with a 4/3 aspect ratio this works to a 12 megapixel camera. This reduces the computational load on the camera and creates the best resolution video. There was no detectable difference in the photo resolution of the three cameras. I photographed a steel ruler. Marketers think they can break the laws of physics there was no difference in resolution because the pixels are smaller then the theoretical resolution of a perfect lens. Normally I don't like cameras that don't take AA batteries. However the Olympus charges by pluging into a standard USB port. It uses a proprietary cable there is no excuse for this. Most stores that sell you the camera will not order the cable if you lose it. Olympus should also offer a cable which plugs into a micro USB port. On the other hand the charger is a standard USB charger which can be found anywhere. The menus are Rubik's cube complex and it is possible to format the SD card or reset the camera accidentally. The camera will not shoot while charging no excuse for this both the Kodak and the Sony will do this. The Sony uses a $60 dollar battery which failed and I won't be buying a new one. The Olympus uses a $10 battery.