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I'm new to Adventure Cycling, and pretty new to cycling period.  But I'm hooked, and I've set both short term and long term goals for myself.  For now, what I'm concentrating on is increasing my average daily mileage.

Can anybody point me to some resources for good foods/bad foods for cycle training?  I'm sure some of it is just general good nutrition, but I need to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Lamb:
Most of it can be summed up in a few sentences.  Eat a balanced diet.  Cut out the junk food, except for some low-fat junk food while riding.  (These are called "power bars" and "energy drinks.")  After long rides, try to get in some quality carbs in the 30 minutes after you stop riding. 

Selene Yeager's "Pedal Off the Pounds" has some solid nutritional advice.  It might be worth scanning for what and how to eat, regardless of whether you're going to try to lose weight or not

Thanks for the help. I found several books by her, but not one by that title - is it a book, or some other publication?

Pat Lamb:
Hmm.  Either my memory isn't as good as I thought it was, or Rodale changed the title of the book.  Ride Your Way Lean is what's showing on Amazon -- same cover picture I remember:

When I travel by train I ate "kociolki Rosyjskie". It's some kind of dinner in a jar in Poland ;) D


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