Author Topic: how to keep my feet warm!  (Read 11710 times)

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Re: how to keep my feet warm!
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Start taking niacin that is niacin not niacinamide. Start small around 100mg to see what you can tolerate. It will clear out your arteries but it takes time expect a year before you notice. Every ones arteries are clogged autopsies on fetuses routinely find plaque buildup. In an emergency situation that is extreme cold or a downpour you can wrap your feet in plastic shopping bags this will prevent moisture from escaping so you will need to dry and wash as soon as possible. If you are expecting  frostbite carefully notice which parts of your toes get the coldest and put on some triple antibiotic either Neosporin or a generic. The petroleum in these is an insulator and petroleum jelly is used by extreme cold water swimmers. Don't overdo this or you could end up with drug resistant bacteria.

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Re: how to keep my feet warm!
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Are you lacing too tight?

easy on the crack rock