Author Topic: trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route  (Read 7594 times)

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trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:42:20 pm »
I'm thinking about doing the trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route this summer. The trail part seems pretty straight forward, but it's harder to find info on the other half of the loop on the old milwaukee road section. How rough is the road? I have 35mm tires with a little bit of tread, do you think those are wide enough? Anyone have any advice?
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Re: trail of the coeur d'alenes loop route
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It's Idaho. Those are old mine roads, aren't they? I've only looped back on the highway or obscure surface roads.
If you're carrying your full kit on the bike for the return ride you want the sturdiest tire you feel like pushing.
There is a bike shop in Kellogg and, I believe, one in Wallace. Give them a call. There is a website for the trail and I believe the site either has a discussion forum or a contact listing for additional information on planning a successful road or mountain bike trip.

I've ridden the whole trail both directions. It's an amazing resource. Lots to see and do along the trail. Be sure to allow some additional time on your trip to visit the local museums and do the tourist stuff. And, depending on where you're coming from, there is so much in Idaho to see! Bring your fly rod and stay a bit. Spend some money.
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