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11 speed disc hub list
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:06:25 am »
So in the process of building up a touring rig for riding across the country i decided that the new shimano ultegra was the way to go.  It's 11 speed, can handle a compact up front and an 11-32 in the back. And it can be had for ~$750 full build kit on ebay and nashbar.  Awesome...except i'm running disc brakes on my touring bike.  Which begged the question....where does one get an 11 speed disc hub!  This turned out to be MUCH more complicated than i expected.  I would be very interested if anyone has any ideas for cheaper options than the ones i've listed below:

White Industries CX11 - $300
Shimano CX75 - $115 (Great price but only comes in 28h drilling!! Probably not appropriate for loaded touring)
Chris King R45 ISO Disc - $400
American Classic 225 - $275 (Not sure about this one, i've seen mixed info on 11 or 10 speed compatibility)
DT Swiss 240  - $? (Not about this one either, but i think it can be done with a freehub conversion)
Novatec - Not sure about this brand or where to get them, but they claim to make some. (D712 and D352SB)

Right now the CX11 is my top choice.