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Trike and Bike Parts/Tires for Sale
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:35:23 am »
Spring cleaning and figured I would put this out first and continue wading through the other parts and getting pictures of the RotorQ and other cranksets, brakes, etc. Shipping costs are separate and will depend on your location, how fast you want them, etc.

- ICE Headrest with light mount. $90.00

- Schwalbe Tryker Tires 406/20x1.50 (3) Used @ 300 miles.(with tubes which are still holding good pressure since May) $95.00

- Schwalble Marathon Plus 406/20x1.75 (3) Used @ 1800 miles (One is really good(rear tire), one better(left front), and the third(right front) showing wear because of a toe in issue and good for the trainer). $45.00

- Schwalbe Marathon Plus 406/20x1.75 (3) Brand New. $125.00

- Schwalbe Marathon PLus 700x28c (2) Brand New. $100.00

- ICE Adventure HD 20" HardTail with rack, used. $250.00

Photos on request. 
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