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Selling my beloved 24 speed Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe with trailer. Going to be upgrading to magnesium model as I'm doing a lot more touring now. $1200 plus actual shipping or pick up in NYC.

Comes with drop bars and now have installed Euro style touring split bars which are on presently. Keeping the Brooks saddle but do have a very comfortable Planet Bike gel seat that is excellent for touring. Comes with the Dynamo light system and fenders too. Also have new SPD pedals included.

Like all my bikes keep them well maintained indoors. This bike is tour ready, nothing to change or add whatsoever. Get on the plane and see the world. Save $250 PER TRIP by simply checking this as regular baggage under 50lbs.

Have about $2700+ into it, $1200 price is firm. Shipping CONUS prob around $50 or actual.

Here is link to recent tour I took on this bike in Germany, as you can see, it's quite fun!

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