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Ride Idaho 2014, tenth anniversay
« on: January 15, 2014, 09:19:04 am » and on facebook

There's real challenge in coming up with unique and interesting rides through parts of Idaho; we just don't have the roads and the geography means you ride a bike over or around obstacles like mountain ranges, river canyons and deserts.

This year, a loop starts and ends in Twin Falls with extensions south to the City of Rocks and north to Hailey. They're promising a 10th year party on a layover day in Hailey. Or you can do a challenging century by heading to Stanley in the incredible Sawtooth Range and along the Salmon River, humping over Galena Summit both going and coming.

Twin Falls has a real airport so you can fly in from anywhere or you can come to Boise and drive 120 miles or Pocatello and drive 90 miles.

Impossible to predict the appeal of the route but I'm signing up today and this is my ninth Ride Idaho. If you join us, watch for the guy on the Tour Easy recumbent and say "Hi."
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Re: Ride Idaho 2014, tenth anniversay
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Still plenty of room at Ride Idaho!
Apparently bike tours are filling slowly all over the northwest. Even Cycle Oregon, which can sell out in hours, is still open,
I play go. I use Macintosh. Of course I ride a recumbent