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Van Supported Tours and Food
« on: August 29, 2013, 02:33:08 am »
A question that is regularly raised regarding your Van supported tours is about food, preparation, cooking etc. yes it is covered in the handbook, sort of, but then the group emails about the subject began. Perhaps there will be some who wish to share some menus, tips etc on this forum. Seems like a natural to me. Here is one I like on S24O and on van-supported, when possible. I have the van pick up the already roasted chicken at the WalMart, Safeway etc.. Then in camp I add vegies, potatoes, and/or rice. The chicken is inexpensive, 3 or 4 riders a bird and prep time is minimal (steam the vegies or thin sliced potatoes in tin foil with EVOO and seasoning, rip open a bag of salad or two. DONE. Lots of vegies. It appears fresh fruit and vegies are excluded from most tour route restaurants bill of fare, and sometimes we too fall in to that trap.
Thanks for starting this julie.