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Hi all,
I'm planning a ride this summer from St John's Newfoundland to Seattle.  The route will be from St John's to Argentia, then take the summer ferry to Sydney, NS, then bike to Bar Harbor, Maine via Halifax and St John, NB to connect up with the Northern Tier route.

I'm looking for any route information for the Canadian part of the trip.  Does anyone know where I can find good maps of SE Newfoundland that show the backroads to Argentia?  Same thing for NS and NB.  What's a good safe route to take from Sydney to St John, NB?  And from St John to Maine?  Is it legal to bicycle on NB-1 or CA-104/105?  Thanks for any input.

There aren't that many back roads in Newfoundland, the ones shown on most roadmaps are pretty well what you can take. If you have time and want to see some Newfoundland coastline, take the Southern Shore Highway (#10) — you can connect to this after going out to Cape Spear which the easternmost point of North America. Hugging the south shore of the Avalon Peninsula (10-90-91-92-100) instead of doing a beeline from St. John's to Placentia is well worth it if you're spending money and effort to fly out to Newfoundland only to take the ferry back to the mainland. Cape St Mary's is a good detour. Newfoundland can be very hilly and windy, so make give yourself some time and patience.

You can cycle on the 100-series highways in Nova Scotia (with the exception of the ones in Metro Halifax). They have shoulders but are high speed and skip much of the scenic shoreline. The trunk roads have no shoulders but have mostly low traffic. I personally would recommend taking NS 7 to Halifax then the 3/103 to Yarmouth where you can take a ferry to Maine. It is much more scenic than heading into New Brunswick, unless you are thinking of making a detour into PEI. You can also go farther around and take the ferry at Digby and ride to Maine from Saint John NB. The south shore of Nova Scotia probably has the some of the prettiest coastal roads in eastern North America.

Hey Graylan:  Did you log your trip somewhere?  I am doing the Maritimes the opposite direction in 2019, taking the ferry from Portland, ME to NS, and then up to St. Johns, NF.  I can't find a lot of info on the route or the pitfalls.  Any consideration would be sincerely appreciated.  Jack Day    


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