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 Bump. One of a kind Touring/Randonneuring bicycle. 61 cm Waterford "Heron" Silver soldered lugs, hand pin-striped. 531 Reynolds frame, Boa shielded. Henry James stainless dropouts. Campagnolo 9 speed ergo shifters. Campagnolo "Euclid" brakes. Campagnolo,"Centaur" (not the new Centaur), triple MTB Euclid and Centaur were the top of the line MTB components only made for 3 years in the early 80's. Campy "Euclid" frnt. derailleur.
Prototype Brooks saddle. (One of the 1st 100 testers). American classic seat post. Campy,"Record" headset. Nitto bars and stem. 36 stainless spoke Velocity wheels laced to Phil Woods hubs. Campy C-Record pedals with Campy toe clips and straps. Stainless,"Tubus" rear cargo rack. This is a long distance machine designed to carry. If you typically ride a 58cm this would fit you. Must be seen in person to appreciate. Injury forces me to sell. Will negotiate, but not much. It took me 2 years to build and to assemble the finest NIB components from all over the world.Photo's shown are pre-pinstripe and Campy crank Pleas E-Mail to ask questions. FTF in Durham, NC REDUCED FROM $4500 to 3900 OBO
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It's a beautiful bike, but I think the price is very, very optimistic. A brand-new Co-Motion Cascadia S&S runs about the same price.

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Thanks for the comments. Different beast altogether. Price the components alone, if one could find them. You can't. Plus the last 61cm Waterford heron ever made. Every component on this bike took over 2 years to assemble. Old saying."Campy breaks in when Shimano wears out". Campy is re-buildable, Shimano components are not. I can re-build ergo shifters in a tent. As far as the frame. It's hand made lugs, silver soldered and not brazed to the tubes like the Co-motion. Oh yeah, try raising or adjusting the bars with your Thompson stem with one Allen wrench. I'm sure the Cascadia is a fine bike, just not in the same league.