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Re: East to West or West to East
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2014, 08:30:02 am »
That is true and I suspect that many folks get a very wrong impression as a result.

The sensible thing is to not base your impression of the winds by what you feel when riding.  Either use flags, banners, and maybe foliage as an indicator or check the direction with a moistened finger when stopped.

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Re: East to West or West to East
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All this is interesting but kind of academic. Since this is a touring based forum, it doesn't really matter what direction the wind is blowing on any give day because whatever way the wind is blowing, you're still going to ride in the direction your route goes.

Two years ago on the WE the wind picked up around lunch time and I had a 40± mph tailwind from Carson City almost all the way to Fallon. There was a fully loaded couple going the other way. They looked miserable but what are they going to do? I thought about waving "Hi!" but I thought they'd just give me the one finger salute.

I have mused while touring that some day I should try to take a tour that I'll just ride in whatever direction the wind is blowing that day just to see where I'd end up. And while I'm at it, maybe I can figure out how to go down hill all day also.


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Re: East to West or West to East
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I have done a "follow the wind" tour before.  I had grand dreams of being 1,000 miles from home but after three weeks, I ended up only around 60 miles from where I started.  Sort of a major bummer.  The furthest away I got was only about 200 miles to the north and 250 miles to the south and maybe 60-70 miles to the west (never crossed the eastern axis).  My criteria was to try to follow the wind as much as reasonably possible but had to occasionally get a side wind due to supplies needed.  Overall, the tour was OK but I would not do again unless I was in a totally unknown area for hundreds of miles in each direction so I would not see the same territory I have ridden in several times.