Author Topic: Inhospitable Host at Overland Trails Campground, Fort Davis  (Read 6869 times)

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Inhospitable Host at Overland Trails Campground, Fort Davis
« on: April 05, 2014, 09:24:06 pm »
I pulled into a campsite, about an hour before sunset, tired as hell expecting to be able to pay the fee and camp at Overland Trails Campground. The wife had called ahead to  assure there was space, and let me know the fee.

Instead of hospitality or at least a spot to pitch a tent for a decent fee, I got asked 'Where the Hell I was from' in a condescending manner by a near drunk man. The tone of the question seemed so laced with subtle malice I couldn't bear to answer with any sincerity.

Outcome: I got sent back on my way for not talking like a Texan, and not being from their little patch of dessert.

Just thought I would post a warning to any other weary travelers out there, If you find it necessary to stop at a place called Overland Trails Campground, you better put on your best Texan imitation you got, or just avoid the place. I would recommend the latter.