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Long island: Orient to Brooklyn
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:58:43 pm »
so still on the road and approaching nyc..
tomorrow we leave small town Killingly in Connecticut towards New London, and then head on the ferry over to Long island.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations or perhaps stretches of road that we should avoid at all costs?

We have had some real bad road experiences (read no shoulders and railings to boot and a shitton of traffic that were super unwelcoming leading us to walk our bikes through the snowy sections and creek bottoms up super steep inclines and forests as that was the only way to go where we would not get killed, which makes for a good story retrospectively) recently. Should have picked up the Rubels bike map in Massachussetts!! And perhaps not listened to ;local advice in this instance... Avoid the 20 east of Sturbridge at all costs....

Been to the website and their map is down and various other websites, but nothing has been very helpful. At the moment, we have google maps version which includes about 200 turns/slight turns/turns into roads with no name etc... Is, for example the 25a west of the Glen Cove Road near Roslyn a really bad idea?

Thank you!!