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Great Tucson Bike Rental Service
« on: January 24, 2017, 03:15:01 pm »

As many of you who are doing the March 11 tour in Tucson have found out, there are not a lot of bike rental options in Tucson. However, there is one bike delivery service who will pick up and deliver Specialized, Cannondale, Trek road bikes to the campground and pick up at the hotel. This company is called Tucson Bike Rentals located at The have primo bikes, well-maintained and were a real hit with Adventure Cyclists last year. They still have some bike left. Tell them Dean sent you. They provide helmets and pedals.

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Re: Great Tucson Bike Rental Service
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I was with a group of Adventure Cyclists last year and we rented bikes from this service. Top notch. The guy who runs it is all about customer service. The other guys in my group rented new Specialized Roubaixs and one guy had a Trek Domane. AZ is famous for goat heads that puncture the stock tires that are on most of our bikes. They put Armadillo or Gatorskins with Kevlar lined tires on there bikes. (BEFORE you do any tour in AZ, swap out your tires! On our tour last year there might have been over 20 flats!)

I rented a really light weight aluminum bike that did the job for not very much. There were a couple of people on one tour who had a shipping disaster. Easy to just rent and forget about it. They pick up and deliver to AC.