Author Topic: Looking for a Ride Partner From Billings MT to Silverthorn CO  (Read 1832 times)

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I'm from Joplin MO and just finished a 400 mile road ride from Rawlins WY to Pueblo CO about a month ago.  I quit my job a couple months ago and seem to have some time to do part of the divide, but not enough for all of it.  I don't mind going it alone, but would prefer some company. 

I am planning a last minute trip from Billings Mt to Silverthorn Co on the GDT.  Leaving Billings on Saturday August 9th and would like to aim for about 100-120 miles per day, I'm flexible if someone wants to join, but want to be done in less than 12 days at the most which is a little over 80 miles/ day.  You can also join at the start and drop off whenever you wanted.  I will have maps in a couple of days so if your interested we could discuss mileages, towns etc...

I have maps and a hotel for Friday night in Billings that is open for sharing plus a room to share again in silverthorn or Breckenridge.  I also have a SPOT satellite tracker and will share signon to the website so your family/friends could keep track of our progress.