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Re: Great divide route
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2014, 10:16:31 pm »
No we didn't do the wall.  Our trip was based on starting in and returning to Columbia Falls (I grew up there, parents still live there).

For others reading this, that might want to experience a section of the GDMBR, I'd highly recommend a loop from the Whitefish/Bigfork area. Our trip was as follows:

  • Had dad drive us to border above Eureka, mostly symbolic, ride to Red Meadow Lake for camping
  • Rode to Bigfork, got caught in storm, which shortened our mileage for the day, learned to adapt
  • Rode from Bigfork to Clearwater Lake after spending a good 3hrs at Holland Lake Lodge
  • Clearwater Lake to Seeley Lake for breakfast, then to Ovando and back to Seeley for camping, originally hoped to make it to Lincoln, but rain shortened day cut our mileage down
  • Seeley Lake back north on route to Peck Lake (great camping spot)
  • Peck Lake to Swan Lake for extraction by dad, no sense in riding pavement again and had other family in the area
  • Rode Going to the Sun Highway the following day for the experience, great way to see the park

As for gear, I'll try to list in a separate post.

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Re: Great divide route
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Steve, we were riding the last week of July, so keep that in mind.  Here is my gear list, I think I had it pretty close to perfect. Only few items that I'll note, that I didn't use or would leave off next time (weather dependent).

45 degree, Mountain Hardware sleeping bag
Down jacket w/hood
Rain jacket/pants
long sleeve long underwear top
running shorts
cycling tights
wool cycling socks
(the above items were not only available for daily wear or potential cold riding. I slept in the shorts and top and usually socks, but I also ended up using the tights and the jacket on a colder night, I sleep really cold)

2 pair cycling shorts (rinsed and alternated daily)
1 cycling jersey (would rinse and just wear again to dry out)
2 pair cycling socks (rinsed and alternated daily)

We shared a larger pot, 1 bowl and stove/fuel
I use a Klymit pad, love the pillow
Shared a few other items like pump, tools, medical kit, etc
70oz camelback
large water bottle for carrying tea/gatoraide, etc
Used a Garmin and maps for navigation, no problems there
Also had cell phone and battery backups available, plus charging cables

Items that I brought and didn't ever use.
technical t-shirt. by the time we stopped I just put on the long sleeved version
underwear. planned on using for sleeping, but just used the running shorts
stocking cap. just used hooded down jacket
winter weight cycling gloves. weather dependent, didn't need.

I"ll look for my detailed packing list and email it to you. I know that I'm missing some items from the above list as it was from my memory.

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Re: Great divide route
« Reply #17 on: August 26, 2014, 09:28:09 am »,_Wyoming#Tourism
I know It's only wikipedia but maybe help you ;)