Author Topic: Seeking sag wagon support for new tour across Colorado - free beer, food campin!  (Read 10178 times)

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Hey there beer afficionados and adventure cycling folks!

My friends and I are putting together a tour of Beer and Bicycling Across Colorado, for the second straight summer.
See the full tour description:

We are looking for an interested individual, preferably someone who will appreciate lots of free beer, camping with an awesome group of hard-core brewery touring cyclists in their 20s, hot springs... who is interested in supporting our ride by driving the sag wagon for 6 days. We visit at least one brewery per day (Montrose, Buena Vista, Leadville, Silverthorne, Idaho Springs) and a cyclist will take turns driving so that you can have as much beer as you need! So you get food, lots of beer, camping, and taking part in an awesome adventure.

We would all haul our own gear on our bikes, but the the ride is extremely demanding you see - covering 300 miles in 5 days, including 26,000 vertical feet of climbing over passes. So, you will pretty much be our hero.

Someday this ride will be big enough to hire support, but for now we're looking for someone who is interested in helping make it that way!

Interested candidates please send a BRIEF email with a little about yourself and describing how you think this gig would be awesome. We would prefer if we could meet you sometime next month before the gig is set.