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Digipower U TC450 charger.
« on: March 17, 2015, 12:07:54 pm »
I've been using the Digipower U TC charger on tour now for 4 months. It will charge most camera batteries AA and AAA NiMh batteries. It looks like it will also charge N sized NiMh batteries also but I have not tried it. The 450 also has the advantage over the 400 of charging 14500 and 10440 lithium ion batteries. For those who are not familiar with these they are the same size as AA and AAA batteries. Since they are 3.7 volt they make a very good single cell pen light.  It looks like it will handle a 16340 lithium battery which is popular in laser pointers though I have not tried it.  It will charge one or two round cells of the same size and chemistry with .6 amps in each channel. Camera batteries also charge at .6 amps. There is a USB outlet rated at 1 amp. Theoretically you can't charge batteries and use the USB at the same time however it will work if you keep the combined power low. The picture shown is a USB charger drawing .36 amp. The charger is very light but there is no weather sealing so keep it in a baggy.