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Heavy road construction right before you hit Center Conway! 133/302 is all loose dirt and gravel on the shoulder with no room for cyclists even the main part of the road is terrible. I strongly recommend taking 113 into NH then taking a left onto east Conway road, then right onto Eastman RD/302 Then left onto white mountain road/16 and take that back to 113, no clue how the riding conditions are on that road, but I would it assume it would be better than the construction.
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Re: Northern Tier Section 11 Map 147 - road construction - July 2015
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To add a bit more to dperkheezy's post as I rode this section today.

The construction zone extends from the intersection of 302/113 (on the west) to the state border. My wife drove the construction zone and described it as "nasty." The project is not scheduled to be completed until early October (

I used East Conway Road as a bypass. From the traffic in a non-commercial zone, I think the locals are also using this as a vehicle bypass.  The east two miles of the East Conway Road bypass section are without a shoulder and heavily damaged. Use caution.

My eastbound directions:
(a) 0.0 mi Turn left onto US-302 from main route.
(b) 0.9 mi Turn right onto East Conway Road (police station on your right)
(c) 6.5 mi Turn right onto 113
(d) 7.7 mi Turn left onto Main Street to rejoin route.

Safe travels.