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Ice Recumbent Trike
« on: May 14, 2015, 06:31:16 pm »
After reading through ( ) the previous Trike post I figured I'd start a new one.

I have Fibromyalgia and a "healing" pinched nerve in my lower back and an energy/endurance issue that crashed on me a couple years ago. Untill I crashed I had set up my Surly Disc Trucker completely with touring gear. Now days I don't have the long term stability to tour on two wheels (yet...). I've been looking at the Ice Adventurer HD (I'm 6'1") with the larger rear tire. However I'm not able to navigate hills like I used to and have been looking at the electric assist motor to help out. Untill I collapsed I would have NEVER thought about a powered assist but after 2 years of not getting any better I have had to look at the reality of it, thus if I can't do it on 2 wheels I'll frigging get it done on 3 :p

I thought I saw a tadpole style trike with a commonly seen (around here) rear wheel hub motor set up to assist on hills and that's when it hit me that I needed to really look into this. I may yet be able to tour again with a trike :)

Any help figuring out the plausibility of this project would be great :)

Anyone using electric assist?

Has anyone had en electric assist added to a bike after market?

How is the reliability of electric assist motors?

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Re: Ice Recumbent Trike
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2015, 04:06:51 pm »
ive researched etrikes/recumbents and ebikes for a couple of months. mid drive/ crank drive is the future. hub motors are a quick fix and inefficient, draining the battery quick gives you less mileage .

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