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GMDBR MAP 2B notes
« on: August 16, 2015, 01:20:48 am »
I found Coulter Bay much nicer than Flagg ranch, and with better stores, though around 1k feet of climbing between the two. And the views of the lake are great.

If you're taking the TD2015 route through union pass area, it is quite beautiful, but does have a "wall" section that was a bit tough and I'm not sure would be passable if wet as was fairly hard to get up when dry.

The unpaved roads after union pass can be a bit unpleasant after raining for a while, my 3" front was ok, but my 2.2" rear was sliding around.

The "my place" restaurant is evidently closed to the public now. This is the only restaurant on the way to Pinedale after the road is paved and before Cora (and Pinedale).

In Pinedale, the campground is closed but people are staying there and the cold water is on. Evidently the city bought it but hasn't decided what to do with it.

Boulder's gas station convenience store is pretty well stocked.

Between little sandy creek and the rest stop on highway 28, not much water.

In Atlantic city, the Miner's delight inn is closed and up for sale. There are cabins at wild Bill's guns (oddly, a woman in a car at Flathead Pass in Canada told me about these) and looks like other places are available.

Hope this info is useful!