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If you don't have a gps marking diagnus well, once your odometer shows you are in the approximate area, keep a close eye on the South side of the road for lesser used dirt roads, then look carefully for a sign and a fence down that road.

if taking the TD2015 route through the Basin to Wamsutter
- the technical singletrack section didn't seem technical to me, was really an older, lesser used double track. A couple of steep uphills that I walked, only 1 downhill that made me think twice first.
- the first few miles have a couple of turns that are faint and easy to miss, so using a GPS with the TD2015 track makes it much easier.
- 2 solar powered wells on the route, first 22 miles in, Haskell creek before that had some water
- the first 25 miles or so felt very remote, lots of antelope, great views
- the last 30 or so were more of a slog but maybe that is because I had a headwind and one passing thunderstorm. On a Saturday, there were only 3 big rigs speeding through the last section.

I haven't yet done the Wamsutter to savery part of the TD2015 route, but I'm told no water on the route.

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Wamsutter to savery:
Carried 5 liters, used 3. Was a little worried in the middle as was in the 90's until clouds came in ( yet didn't actually rain).
Note savery only has the little snake museum now which has cold drinks one can buy, though I found them feeding 2 other cyclists with leftovers from a party the night before. I got some hot dogs and ice cream myself.  They are letting us camp here for the night.

Lael Wilcox should be passing through in an hour or so on her ITT!